Coupon & Deals Script

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The DealsDrive Coupon & Deals Script is build from grounds up to allow anyone to start a website business based on affiliate programs, ad revenue and social media engagements. DealsDrive includes many integrated features and tweaks that simplify your task as a website owner or administrator.

  • Key Features:
  • Unlimited Stores, Coupons, Deals & Users

    Create an unlimited number of stores, coupons, deals, tags, etc. You are only limited by your webservers disk space and processing power.

  • Social Signups with Facebook and Twitter

    Allow easy signup for users with one click Facebook or Twitter integrated signup and logins. All you need is a free developer setup with Facebook and Twitter.

  • Powerful yet Simple Blogging Engine

    An easy to use blogging engine with blog entry linking to stores, tags, or individual deals.

  • Responsive Mobile Friendly Layout

    The entire website is based on a 1140px responsive grid layout. Your website will render as a single column native-app-like view on smartphones without any code changes!

  • "Follow" Users, Stores, Keywords or Tags

    Combine the power of coupon sites with social networking and "following" users, stores and tags similar to Twitter. Each user gets their own profile and has the ability to add coupons, sales or deals.

  • Email Subscriptions and Mass Emailer

    Users can subscribe to receive weekly or daily email notifications based on their "followed" stores and users. Administrators can also send out direct emails to site members.

  • SEO Optimized to the Max!

    Extensive usage of SEO friendly URLs in every section of the website, along with custom META tags and Facebook "OG" tags.

  • User Profiles

    Users get their own unique and easy to remember profile URL which lists their followers, stores and users they follow and their basic bio.

  • Commenting on items

    Users (and anonymous visitors) can comment on all deals, coupons and blogs. Administrators can choose to screen comments before they are posted to the site.

  • Built-in Search Engine

    Use BOOLEAN searching capabilities (i.e. laptop AND dell) with our search engine. Each results page includes a custom RSS feed URL so that visitors and users can subscribe to search results.

  • Scheduled Deal Release (and Expiration)

    Administrators can "advance approve" deals which can be made live on a given date and time (requires cron support). Coupons and deals can also have an expiration date.

  • Language Modification / Localization

    Modify almost 100% of site text from one easy file (available within the Admin panel) to easily change change throughout the site or translate the site in to a language of your choice.

  • Tagging for Stores and Deals

    Apply your own tags (or categories) to stores. Deals and coupons automatically inherit tags from their stores, or you can choose to specify tags to individual deals or coupons.

  • Global & Filtered RSS Feeds

    Custom RSS feeds for all tags, stores, blogs, users and even searches. Users can create a custom RSS feed by following individual stores or users.

  • Powerful Admin Control Panel

    Admin Control Panel allows site owners to change site look and feel, edit stores, deals, users or tags. Administrators can also assign users as "staff" which allows them limited access to the Admin panel for deal posting etc.

  • FAQ / Help Editing

    Apply your own tags (or categories) to stores. Deals and coupons automatically inherit tags from their stores, or you can choose to specify tags to individual deals or coupons.

  • AJAX-based form submissions

    All form subsmissions within the script, including the administration panel are submitted without full page reloads. This improves the responsiveness and bandwidth usage.

  • CSS-based Templates

    Easily change the look and feel across the site by selecting on of the 6 included CSS Themes. Modify included themes to create your own unique style right from the Admin panel.

To check out all these features yourself, try our live demo.

  • System Requirement
  • PHP 5.3 or better (with bcrypt)
  • MySQL 5.0 or better
  • Linux Apache (with mod_rewrite)
  • Ability to Schedule Jobs (cron)